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(3) confidential name
Jun 11, 2014

Why can't divorced parents just get along for the child's sake?
Why can't they let the past go and move forward for the childrens sake?
What if the child of this Grandparent or Parent read your confidential request on your website?

(2) J
May 13, 2014

Confidential and anonymous prayer request: During summer, young child has to go on an extremely long extended visitation with the father. Child says the father looks and acts very weird and circles his finger around by side of head as if saying the father is crazy. Child has fears and anxiety because feels has no control in making decisions about not wanting to go on visitations because the father won't listen. The child is extremely nervous, biting nails, hands shaky and in a fist and cries sometimes saying that it is because of the visitations. The child's teacher said that their is some anger now. For the child's sake, we cannot tell the child what the father is all about and the things that the father is involved in. We keep praying that the man will fall into his own trickery lies and crafty snares that he tries to set for us and will get caught in the stuff he is involved in without any harm to the child physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually and will let the child have his wishes about what does or doesn't want about visitation and for the summer and other visitations to be very minimal. He never pays support but makes demands. The child and my daughter need prayer for a great hedge of protection around them for their protection from this man and for no long or frequent visitations for the child's stability in life. The child loves Jesus and is born again. He prays every night that the visits will stop and wonders why Jesus makes the visits happen. Please pray in agreement with us for a miracle for this dear child before the summer visitation and for other children that don't want their visits either. Thank you so much for your prayers of help! May God be the glory in all of this! God bless you all!

(1) Ann
May 2, 2014

Please pray for the complete healing of my son diagnosed with T Cell Leukemia last year when he was only 2 years old. He went to remission and by the grace of God he still in remission Praise The Lord. He is taking chemo treatment last for 3 years. The first 8 months is intense chemo then he will have 2 1/2 yrs of maintenance chemo. He is now on his 8 months of chemo and by Gods Grace and his Mercy my baby is doing well with the chemo even running around and dancing in the house after his chemo and lumbar puncture, No mouth sore It's really Gods Amazing Grace and His mercy endures forever Glory to God. Last Wednesday we found out that my son needs to have Intracranial Radiation on May 5-14 excepts Sat and Sun. We did not expect it. But the doctor said that everything still good my son is still in remission it just happen that his Leukemia T Cell is rare and needs to have radiation because if it come back it hard to treat. It's hard to accept and I don't want to hear that but I believe that God is a miracle worker and he is a good and loving God. He is been taking good care of my baby and I believe that Jesus Does Everything Well and I am forever grateful. Please pray for him as he will have his radiation therapy. Please pray that the cancer will never never never return, no other cancer, no infection, no side effects, no complications, no long term effect of radiation, chemo, lumbar puncture and steroids, no sickness and diseases, please pray for a long long healthy happy life of my son. Thank you very much. Isaiah 53:5 1 Peter 2:24 Nahum 1:9 Nahum 1:12 Psalm 91 Luke 11:4 Exodus 14:13-14 Psalm 118:17 Isaiah 65:24 Joel 2:25-27 Jeremiah 29:11.


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